Friday, July 29, 2005

Man I'm tired......

Well we finally got that RV packed up and ready to go and I’m sure we forgot something but we’ll be ok. Drove up I-87 to the Lake George Region in the Adirondacks ubtil we reached an RV park named LedgeView Village(518-798-6621). We pulled in just before dark and I got us hooked up in no time.

With all the excitement and preparation this last week Michele and I are fairly tired, as for the boys, they are just wound up like tops. We decided to make life easy on ourselves and heat up some of the meatballs and sauce we brought along and I had some SKgourmet style chili that Michele made for the trip. The microwave and stove worked like a charm.

It is 10:30pm and for some reason my camera would not connect to the laptop even though it did last night. Once I figure it out I’ll load up some pictures. I also could not connect to the WiFi internet access as the campsite was a bit to far from the connection point, so I will load up a few days once I get to a good access point.

I think a vegetable omelet is on tap for me in the morning before we unhook and head on a scenic drive from Spectator to Lake Saranac through Adirondack State Park. Next stop………got me??????



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