Saturday, July 30, 2005

3 Big Things…

1) The Adirondacks
2) Our big/long scenic drive through the Adirondacks
3) Our growing hunger as night approached

There is no other way to sum up this day, July 29, 2005. We left Ledgeview RV Park and headed up 9N along Lake George to its northern end. What a nice drive and it gives you a great sense of the kind of fun to be had at Lake George. Making a left onto Rt. 8 we headed west for Mt Gore area to do some Garnet mining at the now closed Mt Gore Mining Camp… the kids loved it and it put us on the scenic drive that winds through Adirondack Park from Speculator to Lake Saranac.
It was my intention to cook a meal today, but when you are in the middle of a forest and the sun is going down and you have not had dinner you tend to grab what you can at the nearest gas station. We did make a split second decision to pull over at a little unassuming ice cream stand in Tupper Lake to keep the kids happy while we tried to phone ahead to North Pole for a camp site and hoped we would make it there before sundown. It turns out this little ice cream stand had a greasy spoon type kitchen and we grabbed some hot dogs and ham&cheese sandwiches. I had a “Michigan” Dog. What is a Michigan Dog you ask? Well I found out it is pretty much a chili dog with sweet onions in it…I’ll have to research if this is an Adirondack specialty or if it is more widespread than that… I admit it was a new one on me(I found some links that may clear up this hot dog mystery... .
So that was the reality of Cruisin’ Cuisine today.

I cannot end without mentioning what a great long ride we had today… I would put Saranac Lake and Lake Placid on my list of places to visit on another vacation… really nice looking towns with shops, pubs, restaurants and good scenery. I will be back for longer stays at these wonderful places..

In the end we did make it to North Pole and pulled into North Pole Campground where I hooked up quickly as darkness fell and started a fire in the fire-ring. Billy and I toasted marshmallows and then we retired for the night. We decide to stay 2 nights so we can hike/bike, visit Santa’s Workshop and see High Falls Gorge. On the way out we’ll see Whiteface Mountain Memorial drive and visit the summit.. I hear it is something to see.

Sometimes Cruisin’ Cuisine is what it must be… quick and to the point.



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