Sunday, July 31, 2005

Dude...I'm so High!

4867 FEET ABOVE SEA LEVEL to be exact!
We took the steep drive up WhiteFace Mtn to the elevator that brings you to the summit and we were amazed. What a great view ! I don't think we ever held our kids hands so tight and I don't think they minded... some of the areas we walked to looked a bit scary. I told the kids to watch the first's a big one. Billy of course wanted to climb to the very edge. I got somewhat close with him and sat there for a while and it was beautiful (and very quiet).

Below are some more photos from atop WhiteFace Mtn.
Below that is our Cruisin' Cuisine for the day.

We noticed 'Tail-O-The_Pup' a few days ago when we were bee-lining it for North Pole Campground (it is between Lake Placid and Saranac Lake). We were a bit tired and hungry after WhiteFace Mountain and High Falls Gorge(post to follow...)so we decided to pull up to this roadside BBQ joint. There are plenty of tents to eat under and an open air picnic area with a kids playground. They had a huge fire going with Adirondack chairs around it. The food is hickory smoked and you eat at picnic tables with paper towels as napkins. Live band was playing , Lake Placid Uba Ale was flowing, and fingers were getting sticky eating BBQ.
Although it was not the best, it was worth the stop and I suggest it to anyone in the area(especially travelling with kids) or any road weary traveller with hunger pangs.

That's Cruisine Cuisine for today, July 30, 2005.



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