Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cadillac Ranch & Albuquerque Turkeys

As we headed out of Amarillo our ultimate goal is to get near Flagstaff for touring the Grand Canyon. Leaving Amarillo I realized the windmills are here for a reason... IT'S WINDY! There would be occasional crosswinf gusts that would really knock the bus around.. I would rather drive in a hail storm. So I white-knuckled it all day .

We took a brief side tour on Route 66 to see the Cadillac Ranch... the guy that thought this one up was smoking something. Anyway, I needed to get a photo of this one.

THEN CAME THE BIS SUPRISE between Santa Rosa, NM and Albuquerque... BOOM....flat tire in the middle of nowhere.

The good news is roadside assist guy was there and swapped with the spare within an hour and we got to the gold old KOA in Albuquerque before dark. Next morning we saddled up and got the spare replaced locally within an hour also!

Here is a photo of San jose' De La Laguna Mission, which I took from the side of Rt 40... before the flat tire.



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