Friday, August 04, 2006

Mocksville, NC... protein and sleep (8/2/06)

Aside from the "thumbs up" and waves the Spice Bus got from other road travellers I cannot say much about North Carolina today except I wish we had stopped for some REAL BBQ instead of driving hard. In the end, we made it to a campground in Mocksville, NC just as it was getting dark, and that was fine, because all we needed to do was eat some beef jerky, wash it down with a protein shake and sleep.

I think the truckers like me... they think I am one of them... probably my dark shades, bbq stain on my t-shirt and they see me chawin' on jerky while I'm driving. I should haved a radio handle... maybe "Spicy Phat Boy"....?????

Tomorrow we head towards Pigeon Forge, TN. I doubt the Spice Bus will make it, but I know we'll make it to The Great Smoky Mountain Natl Park... and that stuff is right up my alley.

Sorry, no pictures today...I am focused on getting internet access tomorrow, 8/3/06, so that I can get caught up on the blog, the pictures and such.



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