Friday, August 04, 2006

(8/3/06)Cherokee People...Smoky Mountains...Bamm!!..Gatlinburg

Today we drove through the Cherokee reservation in the Smoky Mountain area and through Smoky Mountain NAtl. Park. I could spend alot of time here...good stuff. Here is Billy whe we took a brief stop to rest and let all the cars that were backed up behind the Spice Bus pass... it is some tricky work driving up and down winding mountain roads with a vehicle of that size... again, this is probably another reason why the truckers have taken to "Spicy Phat Boy"! ( if you don't get this refernece you have not been paying attention. You must review prior blogs immediately, there will be a test upon our return).

The Cherokee area is very "touristy"... casino, fake moccasin/tom-tom shops and all, but then you enter the Smoky Mountains, pass Clingam's Dome (which i believe is the highest point along the Appalachian Trail) and enjoy some fantastic scenery very much like driving the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is very near here also (starting in the Asheville, NC area)

As you decend and emerge from the mountains.... BAMM!!!!!!!!!! in the blink of an eye you are in a commercialized tourist destination called Gatlinburg. I was shocked..the transition was immediate. In any case, it is a very clean and fun town.. reminded me alot of Lake Placid, but looked newer, cleaner and maybe more fun... but that is open to opinion.

We are spending a few days here before heading West, so I hope to have some more photos of Gatlinberg and DOLLYWOOD!

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