Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Three Hour tour… (July 31, 2005)

Well, it was more than three hours but we wound our way out of the Adirondacks and headed for the border (Canadian Border that is). We found ourselves on the Scenic Seaway Trail.

We crossed over the bridge and into Wellesley Island State Park Campground and I began to make a fire in the pit. I had picked up some steaks and chicken and proceeded to grill some NY Strips over a wood fire. SKgourmet Chophouse was all over these babies, of course, and it was pretty tasty stuff.

The next day was lawn games and bike riding around the park. Dinner was Chicken with SKgourmet Napa Grill Rub along with onions and some veggies on the side. Billy and I actually logged 6 miles on the bikes as we peddled to the end of Wellesley Islands towards Minna Anthony Nature Center. We saw a turtle trying to cross the road and Billy wanted to help… too many cars though…I think he made it.


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