Friday, August 18, 2006

The big map update.. more to follow...

Here it, the big map following our progress so far. I am behind on blogs, but this is due to some problems we encountered and we were also in wilderness areas with no internet. We are just outside Yosemite NP, and I had internet access, but we are leaving i an hour.

Stop #23 (petaluma, CA) will be where we service the RV and get rested and see some friends.. I can probably get up-to-speed with blogs on Vegas, the Sagebrush dessert, Yosemite, etc.

Hope everyone is doing well. Oh yeah, I tried the new Wood fuel grill i got (uses a chunk of wood and a fan to create like 50,000 btu's), made steaks in Yosemite using Max Mojo and BBQ blend.... YUM! with a nice bottle of Marrietta Vinyard Angelee Cuvee it proves that even in the wilderness you do not have to totally rough it.

bye ya'll!


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