Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I love The City by the BAy...and Wine Country

remeber to Spot the Bus!....http://www.skgourmet.com/spotTheBus2.jpg

We made history as the 1st tourists in Novato ,CA! Well, that's what Uncle Neil told us anyway. Novato is just north of San Fran and just south of Wine Country. Novato is a quaint little town with a nice downtown shop area.. it could really act as the gateway to wine country .. just needs a little push and some more eateries/wine tasting bars. We stayed at Novato RV Park.. easy access to everything.
Thanks to all our friends in Novato for making our stay here super convenient and SUPER FUN, especially Terry, Mitch, Chris, Tony and Reese Nilsen... you guys are the best!

This place is the culinary epicenter of the world... I could live here... I may live here some day. You have everything gourmet here from wine to cheese, you have the MArket in San Fran (we took the ferry over from Larkspur).. what a great place, bought some mushroom salt...DELICIOUS.
Here are they boys chillin' on the ferry ride to San Fran..and a view of the city as we approach to dock.
Here we are hanging outside the market at Taylor's Refresher, which has its origins in St. Helena as a great roadside burger/shake/diner kind of a joint, but opened a location dockside in San Fran.. serves a large list of MicroBrews also... I think my buddy Mitch likes this place. What a great day this was. http://www.taylorsrefresher.com/ . Also had breakfast/lunch at Mijita, a great mexican joint... http://www.mijitasf.com. One night we ate at Moylan's Brewery, check out the site at http://www.moylans.com

The Spice Bus is parked here at an undisclosed location in Novato,,, it is said a famous portfolio manager lives here.
Enjoying the scenery at Gloria Farerra as we await the bubbly.
lunched at Angele, a fantastic French restaurant in Napa. This was an exceptional meal. http://www.angelerestaurant.com/

Hanging around the cellar at Gunlach Bundschu Winery. http://www.gunbun.com/
We finished the dy at Arger-Martucci Winery ( http://www.arger-martucci.com/ ), small family run place with exceptional wines. We enjoyed a very relaxing end of the day sitting in the backyard at Arger-Martucci with a bottle of red. We then sat down to a home cooked dinner of Abalone prepared by Terry. The Abalone was caught the day prior... this was a real treat... oh yeah... and more wine.

We finished up our time here with a dinner with Neil & Kathy at Cacti in Novato (http://www.cactigrill.com/ ).

Ciao Novato.... Hello Oregon Coast!


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