Sunday, August 21, 2005

All Who Wander are not lost.... 4600 miles to prove it

I created a trail map of the Crusin Cuisine Roadtrip... take a look at this 4600 mile bonanza of sights , sounds, family fun and good food... particularly BBQ.

This trip was an experience, not a vacation. I realized there is so much more to see and do and taste. Even after 3.5 weeks and 4600 miles we barely scratched the surface!

In the days/weeks that follow I hope to post a few blogs that will give tips on how to do a trip like this and let you all (or ya'll) know what did and did not work for us. Cooking with my SKgourmet products (and Raichlen's ash hoe and Tuscan grill) did work, but the time demands of an aggressive trip like this just require that you eat at restaurants and roadside joints. The SKgourmet Napa Valley Grill and Chophouse were favorites of mine on this trip... you can BUY THEM ONLINE BELOW:

I still have some photos to post and hope you all keep checking this site every now and then.


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