Monday, August 15, 2005

Tin Roof. Rusted! Love shack, baby love shack...

Driving from Okeefanokee , GA to Stone Mountain Park , GA(just outside Atlanta) we were on

some pretty lonely/scenic roads and got to see some roadside BBQ shacks and some vendors that sell Georgia peaches, vidalia onions and of course BOILED PEANUTS.

We also saw many houses/shacks with tin roofs, many of them rusted, like in the B-52s song "Love Shack" (they are from Georgia)

We stopped at this BBQ shack in Enigma, GA. Here it was real simple.. the pork BBQ had been boiled, shredded and sauced up with their version of sauce... tasted good and hit the spot as we worked our way towards Stone Mountain. We also tried their fried chicken and some hotdogs. Stop by Enigma BBQ shack if you are ever on Rt 82 in Enigma, GA.

Here they boys prepare for the final leg of the trip to Stone Mountain after filling their bellies with Enigma BBQ.
That's Cruisin' Cuisine for today.


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