Monday, August 15, 2005

The Gulf was our DESTINy (8/10-8/12/05)

We headed over to an RV park called Camping on the Gulf , which happened to be in the
Destin area of the Florida panhandle. We got lucky, they had a spot for us directly on the beach site for 2 nights. This was a great RV park.... friendly people, very clean and fantastic view. We literally lived on the beach here with that breeze and the warm water... very nice. Unfortunately it is the exact place and beach where the 14 year old girl was killed by a shark attack this year. So we only went waste deep and ony if there were other people in the water.

On our second night we took a taxi down the road to The Back Porch, which was an on-the-beach restaurant and bar. Food was pretty good and the view was real nice.

Here Billy is knawing on a fried crab claw with cocktail sauce (later he would take on some scallops after he ate 1/2 a rib-eye. Jeffrey ate 1 1/3 rib-eye steaks.. I guess frollicking in the Gulf makes a boy hungry).
I had a Jack Daniels marinated tuna steak that was real tasty and Michele had char-grilled grouper.

Then we walked over to The Track and proceeded to school everyone on proper driving technique... since they had not yet noticed my skills on the last 3000 miles of this trip!

That's Cruisin' Cuisine for today!


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