Monday, August 15, 2005

Rockin' on 3,000 miles in Jasper and Swamp Oddities (8/12/05)

In Jasper Florida or thereabouts we turned 3000 miles on the odometer. I pulled over to gas up and get the kids some food when all of a sudden I was inducted(or abducted) into a rock band headin to play gigs in Columbus and Atlanta Georgia. Here I am with them at a roadside gas station in Jasper Florida... very nice bunch of kids. I actually forgot their band name (someone had the Public Enemy shirt on but I do not think that is the name). I wish them the best.

We were on our way to the Okeefanokee Swamp in Georgia. We would stay at the Stephen C. Foster Park there, and it is by the Suwanee River(remember the tune?). Funny thing was, of all the places we had been, this was by far the most remote... I mean we were in the middle of a damned swamp, yet they had full RV hookups and the best cable TV reception of all the places we had been. This was a good thing because as we found out we are not swamp folk. For starters the ginormous spiders everywhere were a bit scary, plus we knew there were some poisonous snakes and gaters in 'them thar waters'. Still it was a very nice park. We took the walk on the path/boardwalk into the swamp to see some of the plant life (4 of the 5 insect eating plants exist here) and swamp creatures. We did not see any gators, but we think we heard one of their warning sounds they sometimes make as we walked through. Place was full of swamp Cypress trees, spanish moss, etc.. pretty cool... oh yeah and big spiders, pretty scary.

Simple swamp folk enjoying an evening rockin' on the cabin porch.


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