Monday, August 15, 2005

Missin' Mammy in Natchez Mississippi (8/9/05)

We bolted out of Memphis on Interstate 55 heading for Jackson , MS. We needed to sleep somewhere in that area so we could travel the southern leg of the Natchez Trace (at an RV about the last 80 miles or so). Turns out we stayed just outside Yazoo City (isn't that a great name?) park called Springfield RV park. The office was closed and so they just leave an envelope for you to fill out some info and leave payment on the "honor system". WOW! What a concept, the honor system! Anyhow, it was convenient and it was CHEAP... $23 I think, full hookup with cable.

Next day we were in perfect position to enter the Natchez Trace Parkway (note: an ancient trail that connected southern portions of the Mississippi River to salt licks in today's central Tennessee. Over the centuries, the Choctaw, Chickasaw and other American Indians left their marks on the Trace. The Natchez Trace experienced its heaviest use from 1785 to 1820 by the "Kaintuck" boatmen that floated the Ohio and Miss. rivers to markets in Natchez and New Orleans -----see this link for more info We stopped along the trace at it numerous pull-over areas with scenic views or historic relevance including an Indian Burial mound/temple . We ended this portion of the journey in Natchez, MS, and I got to stand next to the Mississippippi River from the banks up high in Natchez. Natchez looks like a cool long weekend vacation for adults... nice little historic downtown, some Inns, B&Bs , restaurants, pubs, etc and the riverboats.

After leaving downtown Natchez we headed for New Orleans by way of Rt 61 through Baton Rouge then east on Rt 10. But not before stopping at Mammy's, a roadside eatery on rt 61 in, or just outside of Natchez. We just missed the lunch and they were closing, but Billy spotted some chocolate cream pie dessert left over and they were glad to sell us some. It must have been good because before I could ask for a taste the rest of the crowd had devoured it. It is easy to spot Mammy's since the building is a gigantic Mammy and the dining potion of the building is housed under her dress!

CLICK HERE TO SEE PHOTOS of this portion of the trip

That's Cruisin' Cuisine for today.


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