Saturday, August 06, 2005

Thank You Uncle Sam!

Our family and friends back in Bergen County , NJ probably never knew this little tidbit, but all Wal-Mart’s across this great nation allow RVers to use their parking lots over night! Well, actually one friend did know this back home, Carmine Montemarano, I think he must have had a past life as trailer folk. In any case this was huge since it positioned us close to The Buckmeister(Wayne Hall) , gave us a place to sleep overnight free and let us re-stock supplies at Wal-Mart in the morning( see I knew they had an ulterior motive). In fact staying at a Wal-Mart lot is not free on a warm night since you run the generator so that you can have air conditioning… so in the end you pay for gas and generator time(if you are renting the RV) and I estimate it costs about the same as pulling into a campground, but when you are tired and it’s dark out it is the good call to make. By the way, we were not alone! So Thank You Uncle Sam for your wonderful offer to RVers!

Wayne took us out to a Red Robin restaurant and we got caught up on the latest with him. Food was standard chain type food and so we ended the Long Haul Day the way we started… quick fast food…and a couple of beers with Bucky. We only got to drive through Cleveland, but it was all about seeing Bucky anyway. I would like to announce that the Ohio Department of Transportation needs to get to work on the roads,,, way to many potholes.

That's all from Cruisin' Cuisine today..................Wally


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