Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Long Haul…. “10-4 good buddy” (8/2/05)

Today we wanted to position ourselves to work our way south, but we had 2 goals in mind…1) See Niagara and 2) see Buckminster Palace in Ohio. Buckminster Palace is one of many nicknames Wayne Hall, our good friend, goes by and he lives just outside Cleveland , OH on Lake Erie. In the End I would feel like a trucker on a long haul today and this day would not end until after midnight.

Although the schedule was aggressive we started the day along rt 12 continuing the scenic seaway route until we hooked up with RT81 south. We had breakfast at a Cracker Barrel, which everyone is probably familiar with , unless you have not been on an interstate highway in this country in 10 years or more. I new that the Cruisin’ Cuisine for the day would be this highway rest stop kind of food because of our aggressive sceduale, but that’s the way it goes… you take the good with the bad.

We got through Buffalo, NY just before rush hour and made it to see Niagara Falls.
Wow, is that wet or what?

The entire place is very much a tourist trap, but we just had to see it. Funny thing is, Jeffrey Lost his first molar tooth while inhaling a Hershey bar at the falls… here is a picture of him showing off the new vacancy in his chocolate stained pie hole. This makes me start to wonder… our friends back home joked that we would start losing teeth now that we were living in a
trailer…. Is this just the beginning?

Now we backtracked through Buffalo (this time we tasted a bit of rush hour) and towards Cleveland (via Rt 90). I called ahead to Mr. Bucklesworth(Wayne Hall) to see if there was a Wal-Mart near him. There was, and that story is to follow….


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