Saturday, August 06, 2005

Yeee-HA!!! My Old Kentucky Home

We are at The Kentucky Horse Park Campground in Lexington, KY. Nice place here.. I like it almost as much as I like the Adirondacks. Very pretty rolling hills and horse everywhere. We are positioned perfectly in the park, steps from the info/supply store, steps from the pool, steps from the playground.

First night here we just settled in and I got a fire going since it was almost dark. Dinner was just a few hot dogs cooked on the fire along with some sides Michele whipped up.

We spent Thursday (8/4/05) at Kentucky Horse Park, which is a monument to the horse in every variety. It is a sprawling complex with a few museums , shows, horse riding/pony riding, etc. Michele and Billy actually went to ride horses on a short trail ride.

Michele made it, but Billy had to bow out before the ride began as his spurs were too sharp and the horse began to buck wildly! Billy, the kid, held on and rode it out like a true cowboy, but then decided to hang with Jeffrey and me in the air conditioned cafeteria while we waited for our cowgirl to mosey on home.

We also drove through Lexington today and south to a scenic drive on Rt 68 to Harrodsburg, KY. Great drive, but at times a little scary with an RV. The ride takes you through great rolling hills and horse farms everywhere, with the black or white fences that are everywhere down here outlining the farms. Then the ride brings you through a very narrow, winding road over the Kentucky River Gorge. On the other side you work your way up through the narrow road flanked by walls of Limestone. It was all very pretty. Along the way you pass some roadside vegetable/fruit stands and you end up the ride in Harrodsburg.

We ended the day back in Lexington at a BBQ joint called Billy’s BBQ, featuring genuine West Kentucky BBQ(101 Cochran Rd, Lexington, KY 269-9593)… some had voted it the #1 BBQ joint in Lexington. We chowed on chicken, ribs, chopped pork butt, fried mushrooms with horseradish sauce, fried banana peppers and washed it down with a Kentucky Bourbon Ale (it actually tastes a bit like bourbon as I believe they finish it off in old bourbon barrels). My boys ate well… Billy, the kid, inhaled this BBQ like I’ve never seen him eat… while wearing his new straw cowboy hat. Check him out here as he is experiencing a BBQ food coma at the moment... look at that plate!

Here we are posing next to Billy’s BBQ van after gorging ourselves on BBQ. This was a good day for Cruisine' Cuisine as we got our first taste of good BBQ on the road and we got to pull into our campground and hit the sack without any work to do on the campfire or the RV kitchen. Oh yeah!... Don't forget to try the Kentucky Bourbon Balls, a chocolate ball with real bourbon and a nut on top... it is real good and Real Kentucky.

See MORE Kentucky Horse Park photos here (click link below):


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